A Trusted Partner for Used Cooking Oil Recycling Services

Liquid Recovery Solutions is a community-based partner for used cooking oil recycling and other facility management services. Our network of oil collectors, grease haulers, and commercial cleaners in the southeast region are dedicated to providing you the best rates and highest quality of service. Above all, we will save you money by reducing costs, therefore improving profit margins.

Whether you are a family-owned restaurant or regional chain, you can depend on us for reliable, quick, and professional services. As a leading restaurant facility company that works with hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, events, virtual kitchens, and other large commercial food operations, we can provide a full-service of waste management solutions. 

Our Mission

Clean, Cost-Effective, Renewable Solutions

Liquid Recovery Solutions is dedicated to protecting the environment and providing renewable energy options. As a result, our sustainable solutions contribute to waste-to-energy initiatives in the biodiesel industry. Therefore reducing carbon impact and reliance on fossil fuels. As one of the leading providers of used cooking oil recycling in the southeast region, we are able maintain significant quantities of refined used cooking oil that we sell in bulk to the feed sector and biodiesel plants around the world. We compare all reporting against The Jacobsen’s Animal Fats and Oil expert pricing based on the Carolinas region. 


Environmentally Responsible


Reliable Services


Sustainable Practices


Money Saving Benefits


Proudly Serving the Southeast Region

Liquid Recovery Solutions is the Southeast’s preferred partner for restaurant facility management and waste disposal. We have designed a list of services tailored to help food industry customers streamline their operations and support their sustainability goals. If you are looking for facility management services, here are the states we currently service.