Used Cooking Oil Disposal in Georgia

When it comes to restaurant grease management and used cooking oil disposal in Georgia you won’t find anyone better. Liquid Recovery Solutions offers a diverse portfolio of waste management services for restaurants, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, hotels, and other food related industries. Beyond used cooking oil recycling services, we also offer other solutions from grease trap maintenance to kitchen hood cleaning. To inquire about our services, call us 24/7 at 786-520-5034 or submit your questions directly online.

Used Fryer Oil Collection

We offer solutions for storage and collection to help safely handle used cooking oil disposal in Georgia.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Avoid costly repairs and code violations by hiring Liquid Recovery Solutions for your grease trap maintenance needs.

High Pressure Line Jetting

Our experience in restoring your pipes to great conditions prevents overflows, slow drainage, and clogged drains.

Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

We help ensure compliance with all codes by providing deep cleaning of your kitchen hoods, vents, and exhausts.

Used Cooking Oil Storage Bins

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor grease collection equipment and storage and containers to meet your facility's needs.

Liquid Recovery Solutions in Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, and all the surrounding areas. Getting started is easy!


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