Used Cooking Oil Recycling in Macon
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When it comes to restaurant used cooking oil recycling in Macon you won’t find anyone better. Liquid Recovery Solutions offers a diverse portfolio of waste management services for restaurants, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, hotels, and other industries in Macon-Bibb County and the surrounding region. Beyond used cooking oil recycling services, we also offer solutions from grease trap maintenance to kitchen hood cleaning. To inquire about our services, call us 24/7 at 786-520-5036 or submit your questions directly online.

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Used Cooking Oil Recycling Service in Macon

We offer solutions to help you safely and efficiently handle used fryer and cooking oil recycling in Macon and the surrounding area. We service a broad range of restaurant facilities and food service establishments in the southeast region. Working with Liquid Recovery Solutions is clean, easy, and dependable. We recycle 100% of the used oil we collect from you.


Used Restaurant Cooking Oil Storage Containers

Liquid Recovery Solutions offers a wide selection of used cooking oil equipment and systems for your Macon foodservice facility. We have indoor and outdoor solution that will prevent spills, leaks, and overall make your waste recycling more convenient. All our waste oil containers are theft-free. Depending on your volume, we can find the right equipment for you.




Macon is “The Heart of Georgia.” The centrally located city in Georgia is full of rich history, dating back to 17,000 years ago. It is full of incredible architecture, beautiful Southern charm, and a soulful musical heritage. There is a reason they say Macon is “Where Soul Lives.”

The Creek Indians were the first inhabitants of the area that would late become known as Macon—later settled by Europeans in 1908. Macon is home to the Mounds National Historical Park, a site that actually dates back 17,00 years ago and pays tribute to the Native American Tribes. Since then, a lot has happened in the area. It is now home to the state’s largest African-American art, history, and culture center, The Tubman Museum.

In the 1960s, Macon became famous thanks to the music industry. Artists like the Allman Brothers Band, Little Richard, and Otis Redding, hailed from Macon. Maybe that is what makes nightlife enticing to locals and visitors alike. The food scene is another popular appeal. Many restaurants offer southern favorites, soul food, farm-to-table options, and savory treats. Whether its the artistic, historical, or soulful side of the city, we love Macon. From smelling the cherry blossoms’ aroma to learning about its history, it is an inspiring city.