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Our Facility Waste Services

Restaurant Grease Disposal

We Specialize in Restaurant Grease Disposal & Used Cooking Oil Pickup Services

We offer a diverse portfolio of services for restaurants, commercial kitchens, food halls, supermarkets, hotels, and many more industries. Beyond restaurant grease disposal, we also provide used cooking oil recycling to kitchen hood cleaning. To inquire about our services, call us 24/7/365 at 888-204-2006 or submit your questions directly online.


Used Cooking Oil Collection

Liquid Recovery Solutions’ used cooking oil recycling services will help recycle your waste oil and kitchen grease. Taking away your worries and hassle, while ensuring efficiency, safety and ease. Learn more today.

Used Cooking Oil Containers

Liquid Recovery Solutions offers you durable outdoor and indoor oil collection options. With our assortment of used cooking oil containers, we will choose one that best fits your facility’s particular needs. Don’t worry about overflow or spills with our secure and clean containers.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Liquid Recovery Solutions offers expert restaurant grease disposal  with licensed and knowledgeable technicians. After your grease trap cleaning is cleaned and serviced, we can take care of sending manifests to where ever you need it. In addition to compliance, you receive a full inspection of any potential issues with your grease trap. Most importantly, helping avoid code violations and costly repairs.

Hydro Line Jetting

Hydro jetting drain cleaning is designed to thoroughly pressure wash any gunk sticking to the walls of your pipes. If you are experiencing grease trap overflow, slow drainage, or even clogged drains, it may be time to schedule a line jetting cleaning to restore your pipes back to normal working conditions.

Kitchen Hood, Vent, and Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen vents collect a surprising amount of lint over time, while kitchen hoods build up with grease residue. Both of these build-up materials are highly combustible and increase the risks for fire. Don’t cut corners, go with certified cleaning experts that will clean your commercial kitchen system to code, including your hood and exhaust system.

Bulk UCO Supply

Are you a collector of used cooking oil? If so, we want to buy your raw and unprocessed used cooking oil (also known as yellow grease). We provide reliable and fairly priced oil services all across the Southeast region. As a partner, you get paid top dollar for your UCO and are guaranteed transparent process of testing, weighing product to your maximize returns.