Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaning

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We are experts in restaurant hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning in states of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.  Request a maintenance cleaning with our top-rated team.

Need your Kitchen hood, vent, or exhaust cleaned?

Look no further. Whether its a cleaning requested by the fire marshall, the insurance company, or you simply you think it’s time for a through cleaning- we would like to be of service. Liquid Recovery Solutions wants to earn your business and make sure you get the best assistance possible. Our kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning is available for multiple industries, including restaurants, ghost kitchens, events, shopping malls, industrial kitchens, and other commercial food establishments.


Liquid Recovery Solutions is all about giving you the detailed attention you deserve. When it comes to staying clean and compliant, we are the company to go with. Our specially trained technicians are experts in professional hood cleaning and can work on any system, new or old. If you are looking for additional services, we also offer Hydro line jetting, grease trap services, and used cooking oil pickup.


How Often Should I Have My Kitchen Hood Cleaned?

How often your kitchen should be cleaned is based on the state’s Department of Health, Insurance company’s, and Fire Departments’ standards. Each state and city has its own hood cleaning requirements, so its essential to follow the minimum codes of standards set for your facility. Once you know what your minimum requirement is, then we can schedule routine cleanups.

If you performed a check-up and noticed visual residue from grease that can not be cleaned off, then give us a call. There are a few signs that you might need a cleaning of your kitchen hood and exhaust system sooner than you think. Can you see numerous grease stains on the roof? Is your exhaust or vent making any abnormal noises, such as rattling? Do you smell any foul odors coming from the ductwork or kitchen hood? Even the smallest sign of trouble could lead to severe problems that should not be neglected.

Industries We Service 




Stadiums & Arenas

Shopping Malls

Ghost and Cloud Kitchens



Military Bases

Hotels & Resorts

Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Restaurant Management Services


Looking for kitchen hood cleaning service near you? We provide reliable commercial exhaust cleaning services all across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. As a Liquid Recovery Solutions customer, you can access different waste management solutions for all types of foodservice businesses.