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When it comes to hydro jetting your kitchen drain line, we provide top notch service by clearing up your commercial drain line blockage with our state-of-the-art solutions.


Don’t let backups and clogs happen at the most inappropriate time for your food service kitchen. Having your drains, pipes, and tanks completely clear of obstructions like grease, gunk, and corrosion will save you some serious headaches. 

Liquid Recovery Solutions is all about giving you the detailed attention you deserve. When it comes to hydro-jetting your plumbing drain lines, we are the company to go with.  Our services are available for multiple industries, including restaurants, ghost kitchens, events, shopping malls, industrial kitchens, and other commercial food establishments.

Our professionally trained plumbers are experts when it comes to thoroughly cleaning out your drain line clogs. We operate 24/7, we respond to emergencies and always show up to scheduled appointments. If you are looking for additional services, we also offer grease trap cleaning, used cooking oil pickup, or kitchen hood cleaning.

One of the most cost effective ways to prevent any emergency service calls or serious backups, is by having periodic cleaning of your lines. leading to your grease trap and out to the municipal system. Liquid Recovery Solutions offers state-of-the-art high pressure jetting solutions that will save you money and hassle down the line.

Hydro-Jetting or Line Jetting works by blasting a stream of water down the drain removing debris, dirt, and deposits. Not only does it break up the clogs and open the blockage, it actually clears buildup on the pipe walls. This technique is performed without using any harmful or hazardous chemicals.

After your jetting service call, we inspect the operational condition of the cleaned pipes, either visually or with a small camera. Then we provide you with recorded report, which might be useful for future reference. Our goal is to help you maintain a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly operation.




How Does My Restaurant Benefit from Hydro Jetting?


All restaurants and commercial kitchens need routine line jetting. This high-pressure cleaning procedure helps loosen and removes debris, grease, and gunk from your pipes. When our skilled technicians blast a powerful stream of water through your kitchen sewer lines, we clear all the obstruction that can be causing your pipes to clog. Let our helpful professionals use their state-of-the-art equipment to remove buildup and restore your pipes to proper functioning status.

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Looking for grease trap cleaning services near you? We provide reliable waste oil services all across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. As a Liquid Recovery Solutions customer, you can access different waste management solutions for all types of foodservice businesses.