UCO Sales

Bulk Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Sales

Liquid Recovery Solutions is a leading provider of used cooking oil in the Southeast region. We have significant quantities of refined used cooking oil and bulk food grade oil that we buy and sell in bulk. LRS pays top dollar to licensed grease collectors who are looking to sell their bulk oil. All UCO sold to our company are paid right away on the spot once the product is tested and unloaded. We do use a state certified scale to accurately weigh loads to ensure you are getting paid for every drop of oil. Our service caters to clients of all sizes, offering a smooth and problem free process for all our partners.


What is the Price for Used Cooking Oil (UCO)? Pricing for used cooking oil from haulers are always based on the current Jacobsen Market Value. This offers transparent pricing for all partners. It is important to note that pricing can be affected depending on the quality of the product. When purchasing yellow grease, we take in to consideration the product’s FFA (free fatty acid) levels, moisture and impurities.



Make sure to reach out to us before so we can schedule and coordinate a drop off. We want to make sure we have a spot for you ready this way you can offload effectively. Typically we can get you in and out in about 30-45 minutes from start to finish. We strive to make the process easy for you with minimal wait time. Call us today to schedule drop off or if you have questions regarding selling used cooking oil at (786) 520-5034.




Are you a collector of used cooking oil? If so, we want to buy your raw and unprocessed used cooking oil (also known as yellow grease). Email us today to discuss how much we will pay you to pick up your oil: info@liquidrecover.com.


Looking for used cooking oil buyer near you? We provide reliable and fairly priced oil services all across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. As a Liquid Recovery Solutions partner, you get paid top dollar for your UCO and are guaranteed transparent process of testing, weighing product to maximize returns.


Liquid Recovery Solutions is all about giving you the detailed attention you deserve. When it comes to grease recycling services, we are the company to go with. Whether you are delivering the used oil or having us pick it up at your facility we provide the highest quality of service.


We work with licensed haulers in the state of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.